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I specialise in finding perfect solutions to enhance teaching and learning with technology.


Identify and integrate suitable technologies and techniques for all types of learning.

Start with your learners: who are they and where are they located – in the classroom, the same country, or global?

What do you want to do? Communicate with them or they with each other? Provide course and reading materials? Keep a portfolio?

Will you set assessments and tests? Is this work graded with feedback? Will you mark individually, or need automated help?

Whatever the answer I can help you determine the best tool for the job from the many, many options available.


Learning & Teaching

Learning Outcomes


Teaching Styles


Assessment methods


Technology & Technique


Software evaluation

Instructional design

intergration workflow

For example:
“Help me find the perfect LMS!”

You’re a HR team looking to move your internal training from classroom sessions to self-paced online courses. You want to keep track of each employees’ progression and development. You need help cutting through the vendor’s sales pitches to find the best software solution for the best price. We can work together to assess what you have, what you need, and how the two can best work together to achieve your aims. 


Beautifully built etivities to engage students with interactive learning.

You have clear objectives and it’s now time to start making. Yet creating engaging and enjoyable content takes time and requires specific skills: often two aspects where most teachers struggle.

I’ll work with you to turn your vision into reality using the best tools for the job. I’ll plan, write, record and edit outstanding etivities you and your students will love.

Once made, I’ll help integrate them into your existing learning environment. Or, if you don’t have one, I can help you set one up.

Platform Development

Blog, website or LMS set-up – from new if required.

Course planning

Information architecture and user experience.

Course build

Rich media and interactive etivities.

Course management

Monitor systems and assist learners.
For example:
“Turn my Powerpoint into an etivity”

You’re a teacher looking to move a classroom session online for a self-directed course. You’ve a set of Powerpoint slides you’ve been using in class but know they should be more interactive before going online. How do you do it? Where do you even begin? I’ll work with you to craft an engaging e-package and set it up exactly as you need. 


Support and development of skills to help you become a confident and successful online teacher.

Students with heads in phones and laptops. Students at home or another country. Students you’ll never meet in-person or get to know.

Online and virtual teaching requires a different approach to the skills developed in the classroom. New ways to communicate, collaborate and challenge.

I’ll work with you to develop the skills needed to become familiar with the tools and techniques to be virtually outstanding.

Instructional guides

How-to for teachers and learners.

Live demonstrations

Overview and walkthrough of software.


Become comfortable with tech-teaching.
For example:

“My virtual classroom is in chaos!”

You’ve a group of remote learners joining your live virtual classroom. You want to keep their attention and move the session from passive learning to active engagement, all while keeping control of the group. You’ve tried delivering slides but your session is lacking participation. I’ll work with you to identify activities and approaches to bring your virtual room to life. 

Want to talk direct? Not a problem. Send me a message and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

Iain Griffin

1 Chef de Ville, 56490, Ménéac, France
(+44) 07966 587562
Skype chat @iaingriffin

SIRET : 84084254600011